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‘Do What You Love’ to Stand Out at College Admissions

Published June 2010:

‘Do What You Love’ to Stand Out at College Admissions

Article Overview:

“There’s a new buzzword in college admissions that should guide your summer plans – the word is ‘authenticity,’” one expert told us. “Do what you love,” said another.

Summer is the perfect time for teens to reevaluate their extracurricular activities. For college hopefuls, quality beats quantity.

Article Excerpt:

High school students often go to great lengths to compile an impressive college application packet. Beyond working day and night to earn solid grades and above average ACT or SAT scores, many college hopefuls are burning candles at both ends volunteering in the community, joining multiple clubs, participating in athletic programs, and working with student councils.

Although it is important to put your best foot forward and accomplish goals, biting off more than you can chew is not always the best approach, according to Jennifer Kabat, M.Ed., college admissions consultant, former admissions officer, and co-editor of Get Into College.

“It’s not how much you do,” Kabat told Parent USA City. “It’s what you’ve done with your interests.”

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– Shannon Philpott


3 thoughts on “‘Do What You Love’ to Stand Out at College Admissions”

  1. Shannon,
    Another great article! I always smile when I receive an email alerting me you have posted a new article.

    On another note……

    I was in your English Comp 101 internet class last semester and am currently enrolled in two summer internet classes.

    I miss you! I didn’t realize there could be a “teaching style” via the internet but trust me, there is! You have a great way of reaching out to everyone and making it fun 🙂

    Please keep up your style. IT WORKS!

  2. Thank you SO much, Ruth! I’m so glad you enjoyed the class – I definitely enjoyed having you as a student. I’m teaching an online class this summer and you just gave me the boost I needed. So thoughtful!

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