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What’s My Niche?

Since I started this blog in July, I have read everything possible about blogging. From how to increase traffic to how to engage readers, the experts out in the blogosphere have so much to say.

I have learned a lot and I’ve followed some of the advice, but to be honest, much of it I have not. In particular – narrowing my niche.

 The experts advocate for a narrow focus and a specific product. I should be writing about one thing, one specialized area of expertise, and one portion of an industry. While this may work for some, it just doesn’t fit me right now. It’s not why I began blogging.

 When I originally created the site, I wanted to showcase some of my sample work for my students and freelance editors. Soon, it evolved into something much more meaningful.

 It turned into a story blog. This blog has become a venue for me to tell stories about myself, my children, my family and those who have touched my life. This blog is a venue for me to communicate with my students, engage in writing with them and offer tips on both writing and journalism.

 I purposely left my niche broad because I wanted to explore how blogs work, how I can interact with my readers and how I can tell stories while improving my writing.

 I blog about writing. I blog about my reflections. I blog about teaching. For the time being, I’m not concerned about making money by blogging – I’d rather learn more about how to engage my readers, share some stories, and write as often as I can.

 I just want to write, reflect and teach. That’s my niche.


– Shannon Philpott
Blog Entry: Dec. 28, 2009

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  1. My niche is physician bluegrass fiction. Like you, I find the stories are the ticket.

    Dr. B

    Comment by drtombibey | December 29, 2009 | Reply

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