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Where Are You Christmas?

There is no question that December is always the busiest month of the year for teachers. We are trying to finish up grading just to end the semester, rushing to post our grades on time, and packing up our offices for our month-long “break.”

 In between all of this, holiday shopping, wrapping and baking is thrust into our schedule without any time to breathe. We hustle, we bustle, and we often lose sight of why we rush around.

 Sadly, it always takes me awhile to get into the Christmas spirit.

I’m annoyed by the carefree nature of shoppers who don’t have stacks of papers left to grade, who aren’t busy preparing for the next semester, and who have planned ahead to ensure that last minute gifts are not forgotten. I’m annoyed by the 80 million versions of Santa Baby playing on the radio. Just like Cindy Lou Who couldn’t find Christmas, neither can I.

 I’m the Grinch each year until a few days before Christmas. And honestly, there are times when I can’t stand to be around myself.

 It is not until I post those grades and finish the shopping that I finally sit back and do some reflecting on the past few months. I think about how much fun it was to watch my students learn something during one of my famous candy-bar debates. I think about how proud I was to see my newspaper students recognized by the college’s board of trustees.

 I think about how all of those sleepless nights spent preparing lessons and activities resulted in learning. And most of all, I think about how grateful I am that my family understands the demands of my job.

 Today, while doing some last minute shopping, I wasn’t annoyed at all by the Zhu Zhu pet enthusiasts. I wasn’t annoyed by the Christmas music playing in every store. And more importantly, when I heard Faith Hill’s version of “Where are you Christmas?” I knew that I found it.

 My hope is that the hustle and bustle does not put a damper on the holidays anymore. Here’s to a Grinch-free holiday season.

 Merry Christmas to each and every one of my blog readers.


– Shannon Philpott
Blog Entry: Dec. 23, 2009

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