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Gardening at its Best

Let’s face it: We all want lush green lawns with lively plants and flowers blooming 365 days a year. It sounds simple,

Goldfish Pair Garden Fountain

Goldfish Pair Garden Fountain

 but realistically, it is not easy for everyone. However, there is a trick to the trade that many people overlook – the use of fountains.

Not only do fountains spruce up the life around it, they add a sensational look and feel to existing gardens or areas in the lawn that are not quite up to par. The use of fountain landscaping is not a new craze; in fact, it is quite a traditional practice that has gained a renewed sense of popularity in the past few years. Talented manufacturers are also making it hard to resist the designs.

A simple search online will provide a variety of results for water, outdoor, indoor, wall, and garden fountains combined with unique, custom made statues as well.  The recommended site is, though. This online distributor features designs from well-known manufacturers, such as Henri Studios, Campania, Hunter Kenroy, and Adagio.

If you’re not familiar with the names, don’t worry – the designs speak for themselves. From resin fountains to brass creations sculptured in tiers or as a stand alone, these constructions will surely highlight the lawn.

So, if you’re concerned about producing the type of garden found at established garden museums, consider cheating a little with a fountain or statue that will catch the eye and shadow over the wilting buds that have plagued wanna-be green thumbs for years.

For more information about Plaza Fountains, browse or contact a fountain consultant at 1-800-609-1650. As a premier distributor of fountain and statue products, Plaza Fountains is committed to providing quality, creative, and durable pieces of art to residential and commercial customers.

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