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Top Kids Books for the Holidays

At a time of the year when the holidays bring magic to your child’s world, the gift of a special book can take them on a trip of magical fantasy. “Books stimulate a child’s sense of curiosity, creativity and imagination and validate their feelings,” said Dr. Donna Housman, founder of Beginnings School in Weston, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. Choose just the right book as a gift to stir your child’s imagination this holiday season.

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Once a Parent, Always a Parent

Published November 2014: The Messenger - Faith: A Fresh Take Once a Parent, Always a Parent Once my children reached teenage status, I was entered into a whirlwind journey that I can clearly admit that I was not prepared for. It’s no secret that teenagers can be moody, more opinionated or even combative and know-it-all human… Continue reading Once a Parent, Always a Parent