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Multiples? Things to Consider

multiplesPublished July 2014: Mom.Me

Multiples? Things to Consider
If you have multiples on the way, you’ll want to check out these 8 tips to help you prepare!

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As a mom of twins with a total of four kids, Melissa Perry Moraja knows firsthand that having twins is more tiring than having a singleton. Moraja, a North Carolina-based children’s author and illustrator, found that she slept more and ate more when pregnant with multiples. The weight gain was taxing as well, she says. “I was a 125-pound person who couldn’t even fit into my husband’s extra large clothes at 32 weeks pregnant,” says Moraja. Preparing for and parenting multiples includes considering self-care, baby care and support systems.

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Games That Develop Your Toddler’s Imagination

toddler gamesPublished July 2014: Mom.Me

Games That Develop Your Toddler’s Imagination
Role playing, communication, creativity and collaboration

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Toddlers are bursting with energy, ready to assert independence and full of creative ideas, but they probably don’t know how to express themselves creatively yet. You can help develop your little tyke’s imagination with interactive games that rely on role playing, communication and collaboration. From building blocks and pretend play to dynamic dancing and rhythmic drumming, games that foster your child’s imagination can be a routine part of your day and your child’s life.

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