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My Dog is a Tween

PaigedogWe all go through defiant phases in our lives – the terrible twos, the child/adolescent tween years, the roll-your-eyes-at-everything teen stage, and then adulthood, the stage with more categories I can name in one blog post.

This week, I’ve realized that dogs go through many of these same phases and I’ve determined that my dog is officially a tween.

I’ve spent the last few weeks reading through a few books about tweens (Talking to Tweens and The Tween Years), primarily for an article I’m writing but also because I have an 11-year old daughter. What has surprised me the most is that there are some very real behavioral similarities between my 11-year old daughter and my two-year old dog. Continue reading


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Celebrating Neighbors: A Caring Group of Fire Fighters

celebratePublished in the 9/16/09 issue of the Suburban Journals
Part of the “Celebrate Your Neighbor” Award Series

A Caring Group of Fire Fighters

 They volunteer to risk their lives to save others. They spring out of bed in the middle of the night to fight fires. They host fundraisers and assist the neighboring areas of Columbia. The selfless acts of the Columbia Volunteer Fire Department are what prompted Gloria Jahr to nominate the entire team of fire fighters for the Suburban Journals Celebrate Your Neighbor Award. Continue reading

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