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Life is Not a Box of Chocolates … Anymore

Valentine chocolate box Although I hate to quote Forrest Gump, I’m gonna. I used to think that life was like a box of chocolates. There were surprises in every bite, the smooth, creamy texture was calming, and just the scent of it energized me.

 That was until I read the label.

 After my endocrinologist diagnosed me as insulin-resistant and a borderline diabetic, life changed drastically. For the past few months, I’ve read every label possible, spending hours in the grocery store, blocking the aisles as I read, read, and read labels, only to find out that my savory chocolates have failed me all these years. They put me into this label-reading predicament.

 No longer can I savor the life I used to live. Instead, I’m counting my carbs, weighing my food, and passing by the drive-thrus where everybody knows my name. I’m fretting over fat content, protein balance, and calorie intake.

 Yes, I miss my chocolates dearly and I still dread this new meal plan on a daily basis, but I love my life much more. So, from now on, life is going to be like a bowl of carrots, a snack pack of low fat yogurt, a piece of lean meat, and a tad bit more exercise. That’s all I have to say about that.

 For more information on diabetes-friendly meal plans, check out these sites:


– Shannon Philpott
Blog Entry: July 29, 2009

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