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A Family’s Journey of Life and Death Tests, Strengthens Faith

mess_logoPublished December 2004 in The Messenger,
The Newspaper of the Belleville Catholic Diocese

 Every night, Jamie Detmer clutches a teddy bear as she sleeps. A recorder inside the bear allows her to hear the heartbeat of her baby who died suddenly this summer.

The crib is packed away in the basement and the baby clothes are no longer hanging in the closet – yet the teddy bear remains. Continue reading


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Weathering the Storm with Rainbows

Published Fall 2003 in The Steward’s Review, quarterly magazine for the Diocese of Belleville, Ill.rainbow_clipart_5


Sitting at a small table in a school cafeteria, approximately 10 students gather to talk. One student expresses anger, another expresses disbelief, while a third says she is finally at peace. Though their feelings drift from one extreme to the next, all of these students have one thing in common – they have experienced a significant loss through divorce or death.

Recognizing the need for a program in the Belleville Diocese to help children heal from loss, Rainbows was formed at Holy Trinity with the support of an Annual Bishop’s Appeal Fund for Ministry grant. The program provides children with a confidential forum to express feelings, raise doubts and ask questions about the loss they have experienced and changes in their family environment, such as routine, responsibility and living arrangements. Continue reading

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