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All Consumers Want is Colorful Love this Valentine’s Day

PRESS RELEASE: (PRWEB) February 6, 2007

In a world where commercialized expressions of love surround the month of February, consumers now have heart_515a natural way to express random acts of kindness. Ideas for gifts have included chocolate and jewelry in the past, but now lovebirds are looking for colorful keepsakes to present messages of joy, hope and faith for a peaceful future.

(PRWEB) February 6, 2007 – As Valentine’s Day approaches and red, beaming hearts adorn the windows of retailers nationwide, the question remains: “Why is red associated with the holiday of cupid?” Red and pink decorations have been deemed appropriate because these colors produce loving emotional responses, even known to increase heart rates in earnest of newfound happiness. The psychology of color has been known to have an influencing effect on moods, even appetites. What better way to promote happiness than to splash colors with tranquilizing energies everywhere on the most romantic day of the year?

In a society consumed with war, violence and crime, a little bit of mood-altering happiness may be just what cupid ordered. In observance of the upcoming holiday for lovers, one web-based retailer has devoted an entire product line inspired by the psychology of color to promote hope, joy and love, launching appropriately on Valentine’s Day. According to founder Kevin Vidal, “Everyone wants love. Love Electra will remind the purchaser and those who see our products and website that there is a loving way to view life and the world that we live in.”

The online store offers message t-shirts for any happy occasion equipped with clearing energy for healing. After carefully selecting colorful combinations that radiate and trigger positive energies, Vidal’s staff performs energy clearing to remove any negative energies lurking within the material. The practice of energy clearing rids space clearing destructive energies, a key ingredient of Feng Shui.

Products produced by utilizing the psychology of color with energy clearing techniques have become popular among individuals who seek change from the harmful agents looming in society. Vidal said the website strives to promote an atmosphere of love and tranquility with hopes that members will benefit from inspiring articles, daily quotes, blogs, horoscopes, and connections made with love-minded individuals who appreciate American diversity artwork spreading messages of peace and hope. “We believe that there is a market for promoting love and will seize the opportunity to promote that concept as assertively as Ford promotes the F150 truck,” Vidal said.

The psychology of how color effects mood may be subjective, however the romantic quest for happiness is clearly objective in the eyes of consumers rushing out to find the perfect gift on Valentine’s Day.

For more information on love-inspired products, please visit on its Valentine’s Day debut.

Founder Kevin M. Vidal worked in systems consulting for more than 10 years before leaving his lucrative career behind to address the lack of love, faith and hope in a world filled with violence, conflict, war and division. He was inspired to launch and love-inspired products with forums for consumers seeking inspirations guided by love.

– Shannon Philpott


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